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I'm having so much trouble focusing on anything. Even simple things like watching TV take too much concentration. I end up starting a show, watching 1-5 minutes, pausing, doing something else for 1-5 minutes, eventually I get back to the show and have to start from the beginning because I have no idea what's happening. How do I get myself to focus?
What are your opinions on pitbulls?
I'm not sure if I did the right thing and need some opinions. When I was walking to the store I saw a small pit bull running back and forth across the street. It's a busy street, so I was worried that he'd get hit. I took him up to an animal clinic up the street and they called animal control. Should I have done something different?

Dog by Calvero
What do you say when someone's argument is that you don't have the right to feel sad? I don't have the resolve* to even argue with them. (*pretty sure this is the right word)
If you had to choose one movie to represent your favorite actor which movie would you choose? (List as many actors as you want)

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