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What types of songs would you put on your music therapy playlist?

I'd have a childhood, pre-teen, teen, college years and then 1 playlist for every decade after.

Childhood - Video games and cartoons (Mid 90's)
Pre-Teen - Pop music (late '90s-early 2000s)
Teen - Rock music (Mid '90s)
College years - Classical, '20s through '40s pop music, and '60s hippie music
They are too stupid to actually talk to me. Rather than telling me the truth they just expect me to realize they were lying when what I expect to happen doesn't happen. Not only have they still not told me directly, but they gave a stupid lie for why they had to change plans. They don't trust me at all, yet they expect me to believe that I'm the only one they can trust. That is the worst lie I've heard.

How do I deal with my stupid lying parents?
How do you decide when to use a foreign word?
Is it eve possible to own culture?

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